Independent Research Assignment (Honors Chemistry)

The draft of your project is a 10 point assignment.  Your web site is a 90 point assignment.  Both grades will be a part of your 2nd grading period average.  You need to choose your topic and have it approved by the teacher by Friday, October 19, 2012. 

DUE DATES:                    Draft of project ---                      November 2
                                                Web site ---                                      December 12

First draft:  This draft will form the basis of the content part of your web site.  You can submit your draft either in paper form or on a flash drive.

Plagiarism:  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  You must understand that cutting and pasting material from the Internet is plagiarism, and will earn you a ZERO for this assignment.  This is a research project.  Consequently, you are expected to research a topic, write a rough draft paper about it, and present it in the final form of a web site.

Mechanics Check:  If you would like me to check the mechanics (working links, alignment of text and pictures) of your web page prior to the submission of your final draft, you must turn in the flash drive by December 7, 2012.  Note:  I will not look at or grade your content at this time.  I will only look for technical errors.  

Submission of product:  You must submit your product by the due date on either a CD-ROM or a flash drive.  Please do not submit a flash drive that has assignments for other classes on it.  The projects take a while to grade, so you may not have it returned immediately.

* You MUST prepare your web site using MS Word.  I will show you how to do this in class.  Using
   an online web site creator program does not teach you the set-up or operation of a web site.

* Name your home page (home_page.htm) so that I will be able to locate it easily on your flash

* Make sure your name appears on the home page.

* Other file names (sub-topics, external links, bibliography) should not contain spaces.  Use the
   underscore (“_”) between words if necessary.

Click here to see a copy of the grading rubric.




Draft of web page project


Should have chosen a minimum of 4 sub-topics related to your general topic.  Preliminary research should be complete.

.html files
(or equivalent)


All pages MUST be .html or equivalent.  Web pages must be viewable in MS Internet Explorer.

MS Word document pages (.doc, .docx) are not acceptable.

Links (workable)


You must have links on your home page to each of your site pages.

You must have links on each page to every other page.

All links must work correctly.

Images on all pages


You must have at least two (2) images relevant to your topic on each and every page.  A photo background does not count as an image.



The site content (text) on your four (4) pages constitutes your subject material and is the bulk of your grade.  The research paper draft you have written will be the basis of your web site.  You should expect to write about 200 – 250 words per page.

External links


You must have a minimum of ten (10) links to web sites that contain information relevant to your subject.  These do not have to be sites that you used for your research, but provide additional information for the person viewing your web site – if they are interested in locating more information on a particular topic.

Each link MUST have a 1 – 2 sentence explanation of what information that web site contains.

*Links should be made to different websites.  (i.e. You should not have several links to Wikipedia articles on different subjects.)

*Links should be made to websites that do not require a username and/or password or registration of any kind.

6 pages minimum


You must have at least six (6) pages.  (Includes home page, external links page, and four (4) additional pages containing content from your paper.)



Sources should be cited either on separate page or notated in “External Links”.


To find out more about setting up a website, click here.

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