COMPETENCY GOAL 1:  The learner will develop abilities necessary to do and understand scientific inquiry. (Specific Content
1.01    Design, conduct, and analyze investigations to answer questions related to chemistry.
          1.02* Analyze reports of scientific investigations from an informed, scientifically-literate viewpoint.
          1.03    Analyze experimental designs with regard to safety and use safe procedures in laboratory investigations.

COMPETENCY GOAL 2:  The learner will build an understanding of the structure and properties of matter. (Specific Content)
2.01*  Analyze the historical development of the current atomic theory.
          2.02*  Examine the nature of atomic structure.
          2.03    Apply the language and symbols of chemistry.
          2.04    Identify substances using their physical properties.
          2.05    Analyze the basic assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory and its applications.
          2.06    Assess bonding in metals and ionic compounds as related to chemical and physical properties.
          2.07    Assess covalent bonding in molecular compounds as related to molecular geometry and chemical and physical properties.
          2.08    Assess the dynamics of physical equilibria.

COMPETENCY GOAL 3:  The learner will build an understanding of regularities in chemistry. (Specific Content)
3.01    Analyze periodic trends in chemical properties and use the periodic table to predict properties of elements.
          3.02    Apply the mole concept, Avogadro’s number, and conversion factors to chemical calculations.
          3.03*  Calculate quantitative relationships in chemical reactions (stoichiometry).

COMPETENCY GOAL 4:  The learner will build an understanding of energy changes in chemistry. (Specific Content)
          4.01    Analyze the Bohr model in terms of electron energies in the hydrogen atom.
          4.02*  Analyze the law of conservation of energy, energy transformation, and various forms of energy involved in chemical and physical
          4.03* Analyze the relationship between entropy and disorder in the universe.
          4.04    Analyze nuclear energy.

COMPETENCY GOAL 5:  The learner will develop an understanding of chemical reactions. (Specific Content)      
          5.01    Evaluate various types of chemical reactions.
          5.02    Evaluate the Law of Conservation of Matter.
          5.03    Identify and predict the indicators of a chemical change.
          5.04    Identify the physical and chemical behavior of acids and bases.
          5.05*  Analyze oxidation-reduction reactions with regard to the transfer of electrons.
          5.06    Assess the factors that affect the rates of chemical reactions.

* denotes that there is an additional objective specifically for Honors level students.  See “Specific Content” for details.

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