1.)  Briefly describe the early atomic models of Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Bohr.  Then
      describe the current atomic model.

2.)  Which part of the atom contributes most of the mass to an atom?

3.)  Which part of the atom contributes most of the volume to an atom?

4.)  How are frequency and wavelength related to one another?  (Give the equation, what
      each variable stands for, the unit for each variable, & the proportionality relationship
      between frequency and wavelength.)

5.)  What is electromagnetic radiation?  How is it formed?

6.)  At what speed does all electromagnetic radiation travel?

7.)  How is energy released from the electrons of an atom?  (Include the words "photon", "quantum",
      "ground state", & "excited state" in your answer.)

8.)  Draw and label the electromagnetic spectrum.  Start with the longest wavelength on the left side
      of your paper.  (Show relative locations of TV/radio waves, gamma rays, infrared, visible, micro-
      waves, ultraviolet, x-rays.)

9.)  What is a bright line (emission) spectrum?

10.)  What is a flame test?

11.)  What can bright line spectra and flame tests be used for?

12.)  What equation can you use to determine the maximum number of electrons an energy level will

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