Guidelines and Expectations

Although most students find Chemistry to be one of the most difficult high school classes that they take, I still expect all of my students to do their very best at all times in order to fully reach their potential.  Chemistry is not an easy class for most students, but that is the reason that I am here; to teach the students the concepts in a way that they can understand.  I fully understand that throughout all of my classes there are students with truly varied learning styles.  It is my goal as a teacher to reach all of my students - to do what is needed in order for each and every student to be as successful as possible. 

Part of being successful in a class is the student's responsibility.  If he or she does not understand something or feels that he or she is falling behind in understanding the material, it is his or her responsibility to see me (or another tutor or helper) to get the extra help they need.  With the efforts of both the teacher and the students, I am looking forward to a fantastic and successful year!

I ask that everyone in the classroom (students and teacher) follow four simple rules.  I like to refer to them as the "Keys to Success".  I think that is an appropriate label for the rules because if a student follows these rules and works to the best of their ability, he or she will be successful in my Chemistry class as well as any other class in high school.

Key to Success #1:    BE PRESENT AND ON TIME.
Students should truly make an effort to be in class as often as possible.  I realize that there are going to be times when a student will be absent.  Please find out what you missed as soon as you return from an absence.  Being on time to class is another way to improve your chances at success in Chemistry class.  Because we meet for only 90 minutes each day and there is an End-of-Course test at the end of the semester, we will be doing something for every minute of every class period.  The less you miss, the better.

In the letter to students and parents, it was spelled out exactly what you needed to bring with you each day.  Having all of these items each day will improve your chances to be successful in class.

This means that you have done all of your homework, printed out any papers needed, and read anything that was asked of you.  I realize that some students are more likely to raise their hand and answer a question than others, but students should always be ready to answer a question about a homework assignment.

This not only includes other students, but the teacher and her classroom too.  Please recycle any paper that is not needed, and throw away any trash you may accumulate in the trash can.  Everything in the room is property of CMS.  Please use the utmost care when using someone else's property (especially lab equipment and furniture in the classroom).

Follow these four simple rules, and we should all expect a great year.  I am really looking forward to teaching Chemistry once again.

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