About the Course

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, and changes in matter.  Throughout the year, the students will be working on progressively more complex and abstract topics. 

In Chemistry I, students will use a variety of different techniques in order to more fully comprehend the subject matter.  Students in Chemistry I will perform lab experiments that deal with the subject matter being covered in class.  It is vital that students are able to see how the lab experiments are related to the material being covered in class.

Even though there is a course whose title is regular level Chemistry I, there is really no such thing.  Chemistry is a difficult course no matter what level you take.  It deals with very abstract subject matter.  Additionally, Chemistry is a math-based science.  Chemistry I is usually the first science class where students have had to use math. 

A lot of students wonder what level of Chemistry to take.  The best indicator of how a student will do in Chemistry is not their understanding of Biology, but rather their understanding of Algebra.  If a student struggles in Algebra I, Algebra II, or both, it is a very real possibility that the student will also struggle in Chemistry.  This is not written to try to "scare" anyone about Chemistry, rather it is written to help students select the level of Chemistry that will allow them to be most successful.  Although some educators will tell you differently, a "B" in Regular level Chemistry looks better to a college than a "C" or a "D" in an Honors level Chemistry class.

Additionally, students enrolled in Honors level Chemistry will be required to complete additional enrichment assignments. Three enrichment topics Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Entropy, and Free Energy will be included on the Honors level exam at the end of the course. These topics will also be included on the Summative Assessments (for Honors level Chemistry) given by CMS at the end of the course.

Students will also be required to complete several outside-of-class assignments or projects. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PUT IN THE EXTRA TIME & EFFORT OUTSIDE OF CLASS TO COMPLETE THESE ASSIGNMENTS, PLEASE TAKE REGULAR LEVEL CHEMISTRY.

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